Donald Trump Facts


Donald Trump Facts
  1. Donald Trump's father was Fred Trump. Born and raised in New York, Fred Trump became a real estate mogul.
  2. Did you know Donald Trump's mother (Mary) was a Scottish immigrant? She had the passion to be the center of attention.
  3. As we said, Fred Trump was a real estate mogul, which allowed him to provide a lavish lifestyle for his family. Donald Trump and his three other siblings grew up in a 23-room house!
  4. Unlike many children of his day, Donald Trump (and though his siblings) could study in private schools and drive limousines.
  5. Fred Trump actually fathered 5 children with Mary. The oldest was Fred Jr., but he died at a fairly young age after suffering from alcoholism.
  6. One of Donald Trump's sisters named Maryanne became a judge on the United States Court of Appeals.
  7. Donald Trump's other sister named Elizabeth became Administrative Secretary.
  8. The youngest child of the Trump family - Robert (born after Donald Trump was born) went into business.
  9. Donald Trump's hometown was Jamaica Estates, Queens Borough, New York. His date of birth was June 14, 1946.
  10. Donald Trump attended Kew-Forest School for elementary school.
  11. Donald Trump's childhood home had two Cadillac cars in the driveway. The cars were a symbol of the Trump family's wealth.
  12. When he was in elementary school, Donald was one of the favorites among his classmates. His popularity stemmed from his shenanigans and his athleticism.
  13. Donald was stupidly stubborn in his youth. He almost always refused to admit the mistakes he made.
  14. Even when Donald Trump was very young, he had a habit of saying whatever came to mind.
  15. The babysitter was really worried that the darkness might startle little Donny. Despite the concierge's reservations, little Donny kept pushing forward into the darkness.
  16. When Mary (Donald Trump's mother) gave birth to Robert Trump, she had a haemorrhage.
  17. Because of the bleeding, Marry Trump had an unscheduled hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus) that required acute abdominal surgery. The operation almost killed her.
  18. Speaking of being strict, Fred Trump didn't really give little Donny enough leeway when it comes to misconduct.
  19. Here is one of the most important childhood facts of Donald Trump: he was known to ride his bike very fast with his friends.
  20. In between his journey from childhood to adulthood, Donald Trump developed a type of behavior usually seen in bullies.
  21. Did you know that Donald Trump was not only popular and charismatic, but also narcissistic?
  22. He really enjoyed proving that he was superior to those people he thought were weaker than himself.
  23. At school, several of his teachers considered him stubborn, determined and gruff or bad-tempered.
  24. While on the playground, Donald Trump taunted other children and pulled their hair several times.
  25. Donald Trump was also known for disrupting the entire classroom and several times.
  26. Swearing and throwing spit balls with his friends around was common for little Donny.
  27. The neighborhood where he stayed considered him a troublemaker.
  28. When Trump was in Kew-Forest School, there was a teacher named Ann Trees. According to Ann Trees, little Donny was completely unforgettable.
  29. According to Ann Trees, little Donny was erratic with mistakes, but he was certainly very determined.
  30. Trees said Donald Trump would sit with a twisted expression on his face and his arms folded as if he would dare people disagree with him.
  31. In school, Trump excelled at sports and would give everyone fierce competition. Nonetheless, he was also a loser who would get pretty angry when things didn't go well.
  32. Compared to his classmates, Trump was quite tall. His appearance radiated independence and confidence.
  33. Trump did not really have a calm and collected disposition. Bouts of anger were quite common and he is not afraid to argue every now and then. He would even pound other guys if needed.
  34. Trump was so fond of baseball that he would eventually find a resemblance between himself and his hero - Yogi Berra.
  35. Not only that, Trump even wrote a prose poem in the school yearbook at the age of 12. The prose poem was inspired by the game of baseball.
  36. Trump was a gifted right-handed hitter. His hits were so powerful that outfielders were forced to move to left field to make sure the ball never got past it.
  37. Such a change of field arrangement did not stop Trump from hitting the ball strong enough to cause the ball to pass through people instead of past them.
  38. Trump was also interested in playing soccer and football. However, his performance was quite dismal in those games and often turned into a bad loser.
  39. One of the most interesting facts about Donald Trump's childhood is that he broke the rules while driving the subway every day to reach his school (Kew-Forest).
  40. At the age of 12, Donny did something really awful. He took the E-train to Manhattan with his friends. That wasn't so bad, was it? Wait!
  41. First of all, none of their parents was aware of this incident. Plus, while in town, they bought knives to channel gang members from 'West Side Story' - the then Broadway hit.
  42. Fred Trump - Donald Trump's father was not really happy with Donny's behavior and activities. Fed up with such behavior, Fred sent Donald Trump to the New York Military Academy.
  43. In fact, enrollment in the military academy was more like banishment from his family and came as a watchful call.
  44. Trump had to exercise daily in military school. His sports activity and exercise regimen helped him get stronger and bigger.
  45. Donald did not let go of his arrogance, however, and the stubborn young Trump still maintained a combative stance at the military academy.
  46. This particular lesson helped him get through a bankruptcy, bad publicity, two divorces and divisive presidency later in life.
  47. The academy also managed to instill some humility in him by forcing him to wake up early, dress in uniform, and eat with other academy cadets in a long and crowded hall.
  48. The food he was fed was nowhere even glamorous compared to what he ate at his house.
  49. The things Donny learned at the academy might have helped him later in life.
  50. Hitting students and even applying corporal punishment was common for Dobias.
  51. Lt. Dobias even allowed the academy's students to settle their disputes by boxing in a boxing ring that Dobias had set up exclusively for that purpose.
  52. While the academy managed to get Donny some positive vibes, he still maintained his erratic temper.
  53. At the academy, Trump was forced to do his own homework, polish his own shoes, and even clean the sink. Lieutenant Dobias and all the other teachers in the academy treated Donny like another cadet.
  54. While at the academy, his teachers found that recognition, positive feedback, and compliments drove Trump and set him apart from other cadets.
  55. The teachers understood that Trump always wanted to be "Number 1".

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